Vumatel FTTH - 1000/100 Mbps Uncapped

Line Speed: 1000Mbps Download / 100Mbps Upload Speeds

Vumatel Home 1000/100Mbps Uncapped
1 Month Free
  • Line Speed: 1000Mbps Download / 100Mbps Upload Speeds
  • Free Activation with a 24-month contract
  • Data Allocation: No Restrictions | No Cap | No throttling
  • No Contract: 1 Month Notice
  • Router: Free Wi-Fi router with a 24-month contract
  • Voice: Free 60min VoiceNow Talk domestic time (VOIP)
  • Support: Free Telephonic support


Customers wanting the option of a month to month contract will be subject to the following once off fees and terms including a one-month notice period.

Once-Off Activation Fee: R3000

Once-Off Router Fee: R599

Once-Off VOIP Handset (Optional): R499


All prices are including VAT.

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