Phone Terminal Extension

Phone devices to the VOIP system. Standard features are on the Phone terminal extension.

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Phone Terminal Extension
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Standard features:

  1. Call Now:

Have the Cloud connect you to your customers, partners or friends with just one click. Publish a link on the website or include it in an email signature so that, whenever someone clicks it, the system instantly connects you to your visitor. One-click phone call! 


  1. Record Conversations:

VoiceNow provides both automated and event-driven recordings. Event can be triggered by dialling a code during the phone conversation or by a UnifiedAPI request. On highly regulated environments, call recordings can be started unconditionally.


  1. Call Forward:

No one likes missing important phone calls. Using Call Forward you can forward calls to another extension in the system or to any other phone such as your mobile. Therefore, even if you're not at your desk, you are not out of reach.


  1. Follow Me Function:

Never miss a call, regardless of your location! When a caller dials your number, your cell, your home line and office phone will all ring at the same time. The call will be put through the line that answers first, ensuring that you can be easily reached, even when out of office.


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